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Video Blog

I started video recording my blog posts in October 2022. If you would rather watch and listen, instead of reading, this is the place for you!

Riot Police.jpg

You will have all the tyranny you allow. I give you 10-minutes worth of my take on it. Enjoy!


Evolution, devolution, and Davos Man. I give you 10-minutes worth of my take on it. Enjoy!

Just-in Trudeau is bringing the "Just Transition" to Canada. What does that mean? I give you 6-minutes worth of my take on it. Enjoy!

Einstein and Hitler (1).png

Which do you see in the world today? In this short video, I explain what's going on by comparing science and propaganda. One asks questions. The other prohibits questions. Ask yourself what you see.

Both spiritually and materially, dependence is a trick of communist subversion

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. It’s “Beyond Ironic” but we see his tactics everywhere today.

#2 Pattern Recognition: The Key to Understanding What’s Going On

Understanding what’s going on in the world today is all about pattern recognition. Let me explain with a story.

I learned long ago that when our leaders make seemingly idiotic decisions, they are not idiots, but liars. Let me explain how and when I first realized this.

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