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Video Blog

I started video recording my blog posts in October 2022. If you would rather watch and listen, instead of reading, this is the place for you!

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Just-in Trudeau is bringing the "Just Transition" to Canada. What does that mean? I give you 6-minutes worth of my take on it. Enjoy!

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Which do you see in the world today? In this short video, I explain what's going on by comparing science and propaganda. One asks questions. The other prohibits questions. Ask yourself what you see.

Both spiritually and materially, dependence is a trick of communist subversion

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. It’s “Beyond Ironic” but we see his tactics everywhere today.

#2 Pattern Recognition: The Key to Understanding What’s Going On

Understanding what’s going on in the world today is all about pattern recognition. Let me explain with a story.

I learned long ago that when our leaders make seemingly idiotic decisions, they are not idiots, but liars. Let me explain how and when I first realized this.

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