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My mini ebook, the abridged version of my book of parables,

The Band Director’s Mini Lessons About Life:

Volume 1 – Five Parables on Life’s Performance Cycle.

A great, free, introduction to the whole book, my writing style, my way of looking at the world. Give it a try!

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New! Only Available Here!

My new short primer on spiritual growth,

“The Band Director’s Pocket Guide to Spiritual Growth:

3 Simple Steps to Becoming the Person You Want to Be”.

Have you been working on spiritual growth for years but feel like you’re stuck in 1st gear? Here are 3 simple steps everyone can take that are the key to rapid spiritual growth—regardless of your religious beliefs.

This book is not available anywhere else! You can buy it here as a pdf download for only $4.99

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The Popular “Parables” Book


The first book in my “parables” series,

“The Band Director’s Lessons About Life:

Volume 1 – 50 Parables on Life’s Performance Cycle”.

Largely inspired by real events, each parable begins with a situation in school, then has a reflection section that draws a spiritual lesson from the events of the story.

“The stories made me laugh. The reflections made me think. These lessons are for everyone.”

Joanne Byfield, Journalist, Radio Host, TV Producer

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