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Barbarians Within: Threats to Our Civilization and Our Soul

Are we in the midst of a new “race war” in our cities? It may seem ironic, but race has nothing to do with it. See what I mean in this week’s edition of “Isn’t That Ironic?”.

The barbarians are not on our borders - they are within us.

This week we interrupt our exploration of the aftereffects of Covid-19 to look at something even more topical—the “racial” unrest in our cities.

You must have noticed all the demonstrations and chaos during the past two weeks. Perhaps, like me, you might be surprised by how quickly these large demonstrations, marches, and all the publicity spring spontaneously from “the people”? They don’t.

Most of us can’t even organize a birthday party that quickly. On occasion, I’ve tried to plan little events, contact people, raise interest, and get people to show up. It takes a lot of time and effort. Human beings have a lot of inertia—it’s hard to move them out of their regular routine. Large numbers of people don’t spontaneously organize themselves. You need an organization to begin with.

It hasn’t been much reported in the mainstream media, but there are existing organizations waiting for just such events as the murder of George Floyd to spring into action—and not just BLM. They prey upon public sympathy during exceptional moments to advance their own agendas. There is a racial issue, but that's not what all this destruction is about.

Now, after some ill-conceived actions by a few policemen, they are trying to get rid of police altogether. I wonder why? This is an attempt to dismantle the existing structures of society so that those who wish to remake society in their own image can have free rein to impose their dystopian ideas on the rest of us.

Now that Antifa has taken over a section of Seattle, (the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or CHAZ) we can see what kind of world they are creating. Armed insurgents patrol the streets and keep the Seattle police out, extort money from local business, and physically abuse anyone who stands in their way. In case you missed it, you can start your personal research here.

The Seattle police chief is refused entry into the part of Seattle know as CHAS.

The situation and their behavior remind me of the Paris Commune of the French Revolution, the Khmer Rouge, and dozens of other similar revolts by ideologically-motivated reformers who destroyed but had no idea how to create. These are the modern barbarians who want to destroy Western civilization, which they cannot understand, and establish a new tyranny based on their misguided ideology.

The border of CHAS - a free society or a detour of freedom?

Throughout human history, there have always been hordes of barbarians waiting on the fringes of civilization, ready at the first sign of weakness to swoop in and destroy what they do not understand, cart off moveable wealth, and leave the order of civilization in the ruins of chaos. We’ve seen it with the Roman Empire in the fourth century, the Mongol invasions of China in the thirteenth century, the Late Bronze Age Collapse about 1200 BC, to name a few.

Today, the whole world is mostly modern and industrial. There are no barbarians on the fringes. The barbarians are within. Beneath the veneer of civilization are millions of people who have no clear idea of how civilization is created and maintained, or how their ideas will destroy it. In their ignorance, they have been misled, like an immune system gone crazy, to attack the very host that gives them life and freedom. If we are to avoid being drawn into their socialist dystopia we must be willing to peel back the lies that have grown up around us these past decades.

Racism exists in our world and within every one of us. It’s a ubiquitous human failing that we will always have to work to overcome within ourselves and in our world. But George Floyd is being manipulated to achieve objectives that have nothing to do with racism. It’s a convenient banner to rally sincere, naïve people of goodwill.

What’s the spiritual corollary? Religions have tended to see evil as something outside of us, which we must defend ourselves against. But the truth is that everything is within us. Good and evil, truth and lies, right and wrong, love and fear, heaven and hell, light and darkness, order and chaos—are all within.

Just as we must be vigilant and courageous to counter the ignorance and manipulation of those within our society, we must act the same with regard to those forces within ourselves. We must shine the light of knowledge and wisdom on our own attitudes, ideologies, and beliefs. If there is such a thing as “salvation”, it can only come from Truth. Most of us have become so attached to certain ideas that we are slaves to those ideas. We must open our minds and our spirits to the possibility that what we think is truth, is not.

Each person is on their own individual spiritual path. Each person and each path needs to be respected. If you don’t want to be mistreated because of your skin color, then you must not mistreat others based on their skin color. In the same way, if you want your spiritual path, your beliefs, your attitudes to be respected, then you must respect the same in others. Even when they are wrong. It may seem ironic, but respect means allowing others to be wrong. That’s a tough lesson to learn.

God Bless You!

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