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How Much Did You Lose in Last Week’s Market Crash?

Did you lose a lot last week? Is your retirement postponed? Let’s take a spiritual look in this week’s edition of “Isn’t That Ironic?”.

With stock markets crashing and every asset class crumbling, how much did you lose this past week? Does your retirement account look like the “morning after” on a medieval battlefield, as one writer put it following the 2008 market crash? Let’s put things in perspective—a spiritual perspective.

Everyone who has assets has lost net worth. But is life really about net worth? No. Life’s not about what we acquire—it’s about what we become. What you have, doesn’t matter. “Who you are” does. Oh yes, wealth makes life more comfortable, but that’s about it. And the law of diminishing returns quickly comes into play.

To be “rich” means you are satisfied with what you have. To be “alive” means to be never quite satisfied with who you have become—so far. Just as it is our human nature to hunger most for the fruit on the branch just out of reach, it is our spiritual nature to thirst for an ever deeper draught of the Divine. It's ironic how much we fret over money when our spirit is so much more important. Look after that first - and the money problems will find solutions.

Despite the fall in your net worth, you still have what you really need. More importantly, you are still the person you have become. Even more importantly, you still have infinite potential. You can, and will, become even more. Set your sights high.

God Bless You!

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