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I Have Become Robin Hood—Welcome to Sherwood Forest

The government has canceled my citizenship, destroyed my livelihood, and made me an outlaw. Read what we need to do in this week’s edition of Beyond Ironic”.

Like most boys, I grew up admiring the swashbuckling adventures of that loveable outlaw, Robin Hood. I imagined myself hunting the King’s deer with bow and arrow, battling Little John with my quarterstaff, and always escaping the clutches of the evil Sherriff of Nottingham. But, of course, it was always a boyhood fantasy. Who would have guessed that, now, I have become Robin Hood? So have you—or you soon will. Let me explain.

The story of Robin Hood is a perfect analogy for us today. Let’s recap. Robin of Locksley returned from fighting in the Crusades to find that Prince John, regent in the absence of his brother, King Richard the Lionheart, had conspired with some of the other power brokers of the time to usurp the throne and spread a reign of terror and corruption. Through legal deception, Robin’s land had been taken for the crown by the Sherriff of Nottingham. Prince John had corrupted the military and judicial arms of the government as well. Robin sought the power of the sacred Church—surely the Word of God would cleave to Truth and Justice to balance the corruption in secular life. But he quickly realized the Bishop of Hereford had also been corrupted by the money of Prince John, vilely squeezed from the working poor. Seeing all the power structures of his day united in evil, and declared an outlaw, Robin was forced to flee into the wilds of Sherwood Forest to hide.

There he survived on hunting and “livestock”, of a sort, “fleecing” any wealthy folks who passed through Sherwood Forest. He famously “stole from the rich and gave to the poor”, no doubt keeping enough for his own needs before providing aid to other poor folks who had, in their turn, been “fleeced” by the corrupt authorities. He gradually collected about himself, other outlaws and their families who also had to flee for their lives. Thus, the Sherwood Forest Community lived idyllically as a quasi-self-sufficient “parallel structure” apart from the rest of society.

Now let’s look at my situation. The government has, de facto, cancelled my citizenship. As a citizen I have the right to carry on my business, trade, or profession as I see fit. I have the right to travel freely about the country, to leave it and to return at will. I have the right to enter public buildings and facilities, to buy and sell as I choose, to enter restaurants, ale houses, and inns as suits my needs and desires. Of course, I am free to call the King an Ass, particularly if he sports the same Tale. All these simple and fundamental rights of citizenship are now illegal activities for me. I have been made an outlaw simply for living my life. I am Robin of Locksley.

This government has usurped the legitimate government. It is now totally corrupt and evil. I’ve been saying for over a year that democracy is dead, we now have a dictatorship of the privy council.

But the Sherriff is also corrupted. The police, the military, the courts, the lawyers (with a few exceptions) are all supporting the dysfunctional legislatures and the tyrannical privy council. The police enforce illegal laws. The courts ignore the constitution. The dictators can do whatever they want without regard to law at all—constitutional law, criminal law, human rights law, labour law, everything. In Alberta, a new law (effective Feb. 1, 2022) even usurps the presumption of innocence. The police and courts have also lost their legitimacy. When the government is lawless, why would I bother following any law? My only guide now is my own moral compass. Fortunately, that is sufficient.

And like Robin, I find my church has also been corrupted. All the mainstream churches are following their instructions from the evil Prince John (the infantile Prince Justin and our provincial tyrants). They do not stand for Truth and Justice. They stand for compliance, ignorance, and their charitable status. They cannot even see in this evil tyranny the contempt for Christianity and the plan for its destruction.

Our government’s behaviour—lies, abuse, gaslighting—is psychopathic. They are trying to kill me, by forcing a death shot on me or murdering me in hospitals with criminal malpractice. I have watched friends murdered by both of these methods. This is an act of war against me by my very own government. It’s just like Prince John and the Sherriff of Nottingham trying to kill Robin of Locksley.

There is no more “state”. It has lost not just its moral authority, but all legitimacy. It has ended itself by ending its relationship with the people. When one party in a relationship tries to kill the other, the relationship is simply over. There is no “kiss and make up”. They have violated a sacred trust. Like a cheating spouse, this marriage is over. This nation is over. It is no more. The relationship is: you represent the people, not, you oppress the people. That is not just a mistake, an error of judgement, an overstepping of authority. It is a violence so grievous that it has destroyed the relationship completely. There is no more Canada, no more Alberta. I am a sovereign man, just like Robin Hood, and I am forming a sovereign community.

Just as Robin established a separate community in Sherwood Forest, we must do the same. Vaclav Havel, the famous communist dissenter in Czechoslovakia, called it “parallel structures”. The authorities control all the social structures, so we must create our own. Many of us have already started doing this.

Take heart, you band of Merry Men and Women, life will begin again for us…in our own Sherwood Forest Community!

God Bless You!

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William Garcia
William Garcia
Jan 11, 2022

Fidel would be proud of what his son is doing in Canada as PM.


Jan 11, 2022

I hope this post of the "Robin Hood of Alberta" reaches many people. Robin of Locksley wasn't the first to become an outlaw - Israel's great King, David, was also relegated to the caves in outlying areas (before he had become King), fleeing for his life from their present evil King, Saul. David drew to himself a band of 400 men who were equally distressed by their nation's current circumstances; they would become known as "David's mighty men"; they went on to perform amazing feats by God's strength and blessing.

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