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Jason Kenny’s PSYOP

Promise something, take it back, and blame the victim—classic psychological warfare. Jason Kenny’s recent psyop is Beyond Ironic”.

Whether you’re an abusive husband manipulating your wife, or an abusive parent manipulating your child, or an abusive prison guard manipulating your prisoner, or an abusive politician manipulating the whole population, this is one of the basic tactics of psychological warfare. You promise something, then you go back on your promise, and you blame the victim. It’s all your fault you’re being abused.

It was no surprise yesterday to see Jason Kenny pull this classic psyop tactic on Albertans. On June 16th, Jason Kenney said, "We won't just open for summer. We will open for good."

On September 3, he canceled that promise. We will once again have mask mandates that have been shown to be useless in three dozen scientific studies and the practical experience of the whole world. And whose fault is it? You irresponsible citizens, that’s who. It’s all your fault. Classic psyop.

Jason Kenny says: 70% of Albertans are double vaccinated, the rise in cases is because of the irresponsible people who are not vaccinated, 80% of current covid patients are unvaccinated, and it’s so obviously in your self-interest to get “vaccinated” that the government is going to illegally bribe you with $100 to participate in a medical experiment. It is simply not possible for all of these to be true at the same time.

When you are being lied to and blamed in the same breath, suspect deceit. Kenny’s narrative is simply not possible. As Sherlock Holmes said, “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Let’s look at what is impossible.

1. As I mentioned, the idea that wearing masks will do anything to reduce the spread of a respiratory virus is impossible. It is a lie. That’s what the scientific evidence tells us, and what the world’s recent experience with mask mandates tells us.

2. The covid “vaccines” do not confer immunity to covid-19, nor prevent its transmission. This is what the “vaccine” manufacturers themselves say in their official submissions to the FDA. The is what the world’s best immunologists and virologists tell us. This is what the twenty years of research on mRNA “vaccines” tell us. Therefore, getting “vaxxed” will do nothing to reduce the transmission of covid-19. The 2.9 million Albertans who have taken this experimental treatment cannot possibly be helping to “slow the spread”. And the rest of us in the control group of this experiment are not to blame.

3. If 70% of the population were actually immune, by virtue of being “immunized” then we would have basically achieved herd immunity and it would be extremely difficult for this virus to spread in the population. If the virus is spreading (which I don’t think we know for sure because the PCR “test” is not diagnostic, the vast majority of reported “cases” are not medical cases of anything, hospitals are not overrun, the data is corrupted, etc.), then it must be spreading amongst the “vaccinated” just as much as the “unvaccinated” which, again, shows that the “vaccine” does not do what Kenny is claiming it does.

So, the official “Jason Kenny Story” is impossible.

Though you might think it improbable, what does the evidence suggest? It suggests that everything immunologists have been telling us would happen, is happening.

1. The mRNA “vaccines” (which are not vaccines) cause your body to produce the very spike protein that is the pathogen and the bioweapon. Just as we have seen everywhere in the world, after mass “vaccinations”, “cases” and deaths from covid go up, not down. It’s happening in Alberta too.

2. Our health officials are corrupting the data—this is, they’re lying. I don’t know exactly how they’re doing it in Alberta, but reports from the US claim that hospitals count you as “unvaccinated” until two weeks after your second shot. Anyone who shows up at a hospital for any problem (heart attack, broken bones, etc.) is given a PCR “test”, which can have over 90% false positives. If you test positive, you are called a covid “case” even if you are only treated for your broken bone. If you are in ICU for any reason and have a positive PCR test, you are called a covid case. If you die, for any reason, and have a positive PCR test, you are called a covid death.

3. It’s likely that many people are already suffering from Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.1 After you get the covid shots, you are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection.

4. The spike protein, which you now produce in your own body after you get the covid shot, causes the disease. You are sick because you got the shot.

If Jason Kenny was simply telling the truth and “following the science”, why would he need to use psychological warfare tactics on the population and why would he have to bribe people to get the “shot”? The official narrative is obviously a lie. The government is obviously conducting psychological warfare against us. The spike protein has been previously shown to be a biological weapon. That means our own government is also conducting biological warfare against us. This is beyond ironic. It is evil.

We are at war. Act accordingly.

God Bless You!

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1. Wen Shi Lee, et. al., Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies, PubMed, October 2020,

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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2021

Thanks Donald. I'll take my chances on natural immunity - makes much more sense than getting the "clot shot", as you called it previously. It's alarming that this whole scenario has been planned for a decade, mostly by "flip-flop Fauci". The planners knew that giving the shot would cause variants to appear, yet they put forward this propaganda that we're the cause of the variant. They are devious and shrewd in their madness. Fortunately, good and right will prevail ultimately.

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