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Justin’s Transition to What?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The globalists, and their little minion “Just”in Trudeau, are at it again. He is bringing in “just transition” legislation this year. ('Just transition' bill coming in 2023, natural resources minister says)1 “Just transition” was a new term for me, and for many of us. I can’t keep up with all the globalist jargon. The first question is, “transition to what?” Well…to their New World Order, of course.

“Just Transition” is a term coined in the fraudulent climate movement, meant to join the ideas of climate justice with social justice—already two totalitarian misnomers. (It’s beyond the scope of this blog post to explain the fact that whenever you put another noun in front of the word “justice,” it stops being justice at all and becomes a cover word for tyranny and injustice.) The term comes from the UN network of taxpayer-funded subversive organizations. It basically proposes that, as they destroy the industrial world by destroying our essential energy sources, governments will use taxpayer’s money to help find “decent work” (as they call it) for people whose jobs disappear in the economic collapse. You can read between the lines and figure out this will likely include the coming universal basic income that will make everyone dependent upon the government.

You can check it out yourself at the Just Transition Alliance, another front group for the globalist agenda. There are six “just transition” principles, all of them governmentese socialist nonsense gobbledygook that can mean anything you want them to mean.

For example, #3: Liberalization of environmental, health and labor laws and corporate globalization – know no borders. Therefore, solutions call for local, regional, national, and global solidarity.

I could write a whole book about what all this might mean or could mean. But the “know no borders” part clearly fits with the globalist agenda to destroy nation states and national identities and create a one-world totalitarian government.

But what does “solidarity” mean? I think it will end up meaning that you damn well better do what the government tells you or else you are not being “in solidarity.” That’s what has been going on with all the rest of the wokeness in the world. As you know, even medical doctors will lose their licenses if they’re not “in solidarity” with what the government says about health and “injections” and “sudden deaths” and everything else the government wants you to think. It’s not hard to see where this is going.

Number six is even worse. Workers and community residents have the right to challenge any entity that commits economic and/or environmental injustices. That’s an excuse to set all laws aside so any person can drag any other person or “entity” into some kangaroo court and make up some nonsense charge—just like Jordan Petersen is now facing a nonsense “charge” by his own professional association. You can be sure this will lead to more “environmental crimes” that don’t really appear in any law, and will change as often as the weather, and will be used against you, but none of it will apply to the elites.

The unstated and intentionally obfuscated “thing” that the “just transition” proposes to transition us to, is clearly the dystopian totalitarian one-world government that the globalists and the UN have been working towards for decades. It is exactly the picture famously described by George Orwell in his book 1984. It ended up taking the psychotic globalists an extra 46 years, but they intend to accomplish it all by 2030. That’s what the Agenda 2030 describes.

The bottom line is that “just transition” is another totalitarian cover story. The words don’t mean what the words mean. There is no “justice” anywhere. It’s a psychological warfare term meant to get you to go along with their plans. It’s a ploy to set aside all our existing laws so the government can define “justice” however they want. It’s another plan to replace the rule of law with the rule by law—just like they have in China.

As I explain fully in my recent book, our best response is non-violent non-cooperation. The “just transition” is just another campaign in the ongoing fifth generation war to control all humanity. At its root, it is a spiritual war because everything is fundamentally spiritual. In this spiritual war, our strategy is love, our tactic is forgiveness, our weapon is non-violent non-cooperation.

Be sure to read my whole book to get the whole picture. I can only scratch the surface of ideas in a blog post. Check out the “books” page of my website for purchase options.

God Bless You!

1. David Thurton, 'Just transition' bill coming in 2023, natural resources minister says, CBC News, January 3, 2023.

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Reg Rygus
Reg Rygus
Jan 13, 2023

Don - appreciated what you wrote about how one word can change justice to injustice " whenever you put another noun in front of the word “justice,” it stops being justice at all and becomes a cover word for tyranny and injustice.

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