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Mask Mandates Are a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder

That might sound ridiculous. Let me explain why it’s true in this week’s edition of Beyond Ironic”.

If you can get over your immediate revulsion at this idea, and open your mind to perceiving differently, you may see the truth of my title.

It is beyond ironic that something sold to us as a public health measure is actually a cover for mass murder training. There are two parts to this assertion. Both are easy to understand. Let’s take one at a time.

Wearing a face mask has nothing to do with public health. You want evidence? In a recent article, Dr. Paul Alexander1 (who specializes in evidence-based medicine) listed over 400 scientific research papers that show no benefit to any non-medical covid intervention. Nothing helped. Not masks, not hand washing, not social distancing, not lockdowns, not limitations on social gatherings, not shutting down churches, not plexiglass barriers, not one-way aisles in grocery stores—nothing. No effect whatsoever. That’s the incontrovertible evidence.

How many scientific studies do show a benefit to masks or any other non-medical intervention? Zero. Zilch. Nada. This information is well known to the people who control our society and make these rules. They are lying. So what have these non-medical interventions achieved?

We have been harassed for almost two years to, “Just wear the damn mask!” We have been insulted, bullied, and coerced. We have been refused service, refused entry, intimidated, and fired. We see overwhelming fear in the eyes of neighbors who encounter us, unmasked, in the grocery store.

We see people on social media wishing death to the unvaccinated. We see families excluding members who are unvaccinated. Our governments have passed “decrees” that break all our basic laws, overriding centuries of limitations on the tyrannical power of governments, and turning citizen against citizen, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend. With covid, not only has all human law been set aside, but also common decency. People are now vilified as terrorists and granny-killers for refusing to submit to an experimental genetic therapy that quickly showed itself to be ineffective and incredibly dangerous. People are thrown into jails (renamed for the occasion) without charges, due process of law, or even the existence of legitimate law itself. Concentration camps were built and will soon be filled. Medicine has become a process of ideologically inspired murder and oppression. All this is enthusiastically supported by the “state” media and the majority of citizens. Communist subversion is complete.

These mandates have created enough anger, hatred, fear, and suspicion amongst people that they will willingly murder each other. The world has seen this phenomenon play out many times before—the Jews in Germany, the Tutsis in Rwanda, and the list goes on.

Several years ago, the Canadian philosopher, Stefan Molyneux2, said, “Cancel culture is a dress rehearsal for mass murder.” (You can watch his short explanation here.) The same is even more true of masks and all the other draconian, irrational government decrees. This is a psychological warfare tactic to make people fear and hate each other.

They are training people to accept that certain “unapproved” ideas, facts, and people can be “disappeared” from their jobs, from their families, from social life. If we accept that, then we will accept people being disappeared from the world. The vicious attacks against people on social media and in the workplace are a practice for vicious attacks on them physically. This is a careful incitement to violence; a socio-pathic dress rehearsal for extermination.

If you will shut off all your rational thinking, your moral thinking, your common sense, and wear a mask that has been clearly and scientifically shown to be useless, then you will do any other immoral, irrational, non-sensical action that some authority tells you to do. This is exactly how the Rwanda massacres happened. This is exactly how the Jewish Holocaust happened. It’s déjà vu all over again. We are witnessing genocide in real time.

We need to re-assert our individual sovereignty—the courage to think for yourself, examine the evidence, and do what you know in your heart is right. The mask mandates, and all the other illegal decrees, are lies. There is no truth to any of them. The ultimate purpose of turning truths into the opposites is to turn the enemies of the totalitarian state into objects of hate so their dissent can be suppressed.

As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace into the world, remember that we are all One. Set aside the artificial divisions that are forced upon us. The message of the Christ is the message of Love. Do not be pulled into the darkness of lies, deceit, division, fear, and hate. Like the advice given to Luke Skywalker, turn away from the dark side. And in the words of Edgar Cayce, turn toward the Light, and the Shadows fall behind.

God Bless You!

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Matthias Jacob
Matthias Jacob
03 de fev. de 2022

oh How the mighty have fallen.

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