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One With God or One With Evil

We can seek a greater awareness of our oneness with God, or ignore God and become one with evil. Read what I mean in this week’s edition of Beyond Ironic”.

One of the many powerful and illuminating lines in The Poem of the Man-God, is when Jesus says to Judas Iscariot, “Judas, you do not see evil because you are one with it.” This is a concise expression of an idea that has been part of Christianity for all its two thousand years, and part of every spiritual tradition before that - oneness with God, or oneness with evil. It is perhaps ironic, even Beyond Ironic, but it is an eternal truth that we can see at work in a thousand ways in the modern world.

The same idea forms the thematic basis of the great parable, Pinocchio. In order to become a real boy, that is, to become truly human, the wooden puppet must develop a conscience. Our conscience is our internal sense of right and wrong, good and evil. All of us are born with a conscience. It is part of our divine inheritance, part of our soul that comes from God and is our connection with God.

To put it another way, to become truly human, Pinocchio must have a soul. The human condition is the little trinity of body, mind, and soul. Geppetto, the carpenter, made Pinocchio’s body. Through a miracle, the wooden body was imbued with a mind. But Pinocchio had to develop his own conscience—his own soul. Of course, it can’t really happen that way. It’s just a story.

The story of Pinocchio might even be the story of the entire human experience. As described in the creation allegory in Genesis, the souls/spirits that were created by God descended into matter. The “fall” was really a “separation.” We became separated from the knowledge of our oneness with God, our Creator. The beginning of the ascent back to the realization of our oneness with God was to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Only by discriminating between good and evil, and consciously choosing good, can we make our way back to the understanding that we are eternal beings of light and love.

Jesus showed us that way, the way to choose love even in the face of great evil and hatred. For as He said, what credit is it if you love only those who love you. The “refiner’s fire” is the evil we face in the world. To regain the consciousness of oneness with God, we must choose to love even in the face of great evil. And to do that, we must surely know the difference between good and evil. This is exactly what “the deceiver” attempts to confuse.

Christianity has always presented the evil force, Satan or Lucifer, as a great deceiver—one who confuses people's understanding of good and evil. He is the trickster who leads people to think there is no evil. Thus, people are led to do evil and think they are virtuous.

Look around our world and what do you see? People have been led to fight against each other for a hundred insignificant reasons, and think this is good. This is a violation of the spiritual truth that we are all one. By fighting against others, we fight against ourselves, we fight against God, who lives within all His creatures.

When racism reached the lowest level in human history, it has been revived with a manufactured and envious sense of entitlement and insult. People have been led to believe that forcing their own (or the government’s) expectations of acceptable thoughts, words, and actions on everyone else is virtuous. This is a violation of the spiritual principle of free will.

People have even been led to believe that the sexual mutilation of children is virtuous. Amongst other evils, this is a violation of their free will, and of the prohibition against shedding innocent blood. We have become, collectively, Pinocchio off to join the circus. Whatever we choose to do, we see as being good. We have become (at least some of us, and our society, collectively) one with evil, so we cannot see it.

The Spirit of God dwells within each one of us. It is our divine inheritance. Call it whatever you want: the Holy Spirit, your soul, your spirit, the Divine within, or even your conscience. You know good from evil. Even little children know this. But our conscience needs to be developed, not distorted. We must constantly listen to that “still, small voice within.” God speaks to everyone, to our hearts. Usually, we don't listen. We must develop our listening skills.

The Luciferian influence has destroyed the conscience of many and made it impossible for them to distinguish good from evil. Thus, many have become one with evil, while thinking themselves virtuous. Both individually and collectively, we must re-establish and strengthen our connection to God. We must seek that oneness with God that Jesus showed us and that is our eternal quest—our eternal spiritual journey back to God. He is the Father. We are the prodigal son. He awaits us with open arms. Why tarry?

God Bless You!

1. The Poem of the Man-God, now titled, The Gospel as Revealed to Me, by Maria Valtora, Centro Editoriale, 2014

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1 Comment

Mar 13, 2023

Good article Donald. Interesting that you refer to Pinocchio, since lying is becoming such a dominant feature of modern society. In U.S. news, the infamous Tucker Carlson, and his employer Fox (I hesitate to call them "News"), are being exposed for broadcasting lies. Then there's George Santos, the poster boy for the many liars in the Republican party. And of course, we just survived the influence of a President who lied more than any previous President, with over 30,000 lies and counting. Of course, we in Canada aren't immune to this effect. Lying is becoming mainstream everywhere.

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