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Pattern Recognition: The Key to Understanding What’s Going On

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

We look but we don’t see—because we don’t recognize the patterns. See what I mean in this week’s edition of “Beyond Ironic”.

Understanding what’s going on in the world today is all about pattern recognition. Let me explain with a story.

Medical doctors tell jokes about patients who diagnose themselves. I recall such a scene from an old TV sitcom. A patient is in his doctor’s office waxing eloquent with his self-diagnosis. The doctor is half listening and half looking at an x-ray photograph in his hand. When the patient pauses to take a breath, the doctor hands him the x-ray and says, “You’re pretty knowledgeable. What do you think of this x-ray?” The patient looks at it for a few seconds.

“That’s a compound fracture of the tibia,” he declares.

The doctor chuckles and says, “Really? Actually, it’s a perfectly healthy set of lungs.”

It's funny but it’s also a great illustration of what is going on in our world. The patient was self-confident but ignorant. How could he mistake lungs for legs? We know that an x-ray photograph of the lungs appears as a characteristic pattern of light and dark. Clearly, the patient was not familiar with that pattern. If he were taught the pattern of lungs, then he could recognize them. As people in the spy businesses would say, it’s all about pattern recognition.

The same thing is going on in our world. There are patterns in the events of the world, but most people are not familiar with those patterns. The events appear random, or they appear to be something else. So, people don’t see the patterns even though they are looking directly at the events. They look, but do not see.

As I explained in last week's blog post, most people think our leaders are idiots—they keep making stupid mistakes over and over. But what we are witnessing is not the pattern of mistakes. It’s the pattern of lies. That’s why I say our leaders are liars not idiots. Here are some common patterns in mistakes.

There is a certain randomness to mistakes. A mistake is often an oversight or a slip or a lapse of carefulness in thought or action. Also, we make more mistakes in areas where we lack specialized knowledge—few errors in our own specialty. Amateurs make more mistakes than experts. When I try to do plumbing work it’s a mess. I usually have to rip it out and repeat the job three or four times before I get it right. But I make few mistakes when I’m playing the clarinet. That’s an area in which I have specialized knowledge and skill. When we see highly educated “experts” making numerous and obvious “mistakes” in their own specialties, it is highly unlikely these are mistakes. This simply doesn’t fit the pattern of mistakes.

The pattern of lies is completely different. Mistakes often occur individually; lies, never. Most of us found out during our youth that you can never tell just one lie. The first lie always requires a second lie to cover up the first, and a third to cover up the second, and a fourth… You get the idea. Whether it was stealing a few cigarettes from your mother’s pack, or taking a few bottles of beer from the fridge, or going somewhere after school you weren’t supposed to go to, one lie quickly developed into a web of lies—really, a complete alternate reality that was pure fantasy.

When a whole web of lies appears instantly, it had to be planned. It cannot be mistakes. A web of mistakes is nearly as rare as a unicorn. It’s all about pattern recognition—and never assume you have found the pattern of a unicorn.

This is the pattern we are seeing over and over in our world today. We see it in governments, in scientists, in our central banks, in doctors—everywhere. “Experts” presenting us with a whole web of lies that defy the real evidence and appear instantly and fully formed. These “narratives” can only be called fraud. They cannot be mistakes. The people behind them are not idiots, they’re liars.

It's ironic—even Beyond Ironic—that we understand this in our personal lives, but we don’t even see the pattern of lies all around us today. In my upcoming book, I teach you the patterns so you can recognize them in world events—the pattern of communist subversion, of psychological warfare, of fraud, and of the way spiritual laws manifest in our physical lives. The title is, “What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom.” Look for it soon at your favorite online bookstore, or at my website.

God Bless You!

PS: My upcoming book will explain lots more about what’s really going on. What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom will be available in November. I will keep you posted!

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