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The Astro’s Sign Stealing – Is There a Spiritual Lesson?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

You can fool some of the people some of the time. But the Houston Astros are reaping what they sowed. Get my spiritual insights on it in this week’s edition of “Isn’t That Ironic?”.

Is this baseball?

Every batter would like to know what the catcher is trying to secretly tell the pitcher. To us “non-baseball-fans” it all sounds kind of fishy. Don’t tell secrets and you won’t have your secrets found out. Trying to find out the secrets has always been a part of the game—the game of baseball and the game of life. But it’s clear the Houston Astros cheated and, naturally, everyone is upset about that. But is there a spiritual dimension? And what’s ironic about it?

There’s always a spiritual dimension. We are spirit—first and foremost. Everything begins in the spirit, is built in the mind, and manifests in the physical. Someone, or some-ones, in the Houston Astros organization came up with an idea for cheating. Ideas always come from the spirit. If you have a spirit of honesty and good sportsmanship, the cheating ideas won’t come to you. Even if they do, you’ll dismiss them, because your focus is on honest success.

A cheating idea came. “Maybe we could set up a camera in the stands and take pictures of the catcher’s signs to the pitcher, etc.” You’ve read the news reports and you know how the trick unfolded. Several minds, of people in the Astros’ organization, worked on this idea and figured out a way to make it work. Then they had to coerce all the players to shut up and go along with the plan. Then they put the plan into action and what came from the spirit, was developed in the mind, became manifest in real baseball games.

Everything works this way. Ideas come from spirit, are developed in our minds, and are put into action in the physical world with the cooperation of other people. We never accomplish much entirely by ourselves. It takes many people working together to accomplish significant stuff. If your plan is evil (or dishonest, or deceitful, or mean, or illegal—you get the idea) then you also have to coerce other people to go against their own principles and be deceitful with you. “Sin”, if we can call it that, always affects the people around us. So does virtue. Our effect on others can be either positive or negative. Usually, it’s a mixture of both.

From all the fallout (funny how we use that term from nuclear bombs) over this cheating, the Houston Astros are experiencing the old biblical truth that we reap what we sow. We might be able to keep secrets from the other team, but we can’t keep anything secret from the “big guy in the sky”. God knows—because he is in us. He is as close as our breathing,

We reap what we sow. If we sow the wind, we reap the whirlwind—as the Astros are discovering to their chagrin. It’s a bit ironic, in a way. Maybe poetic justice is a better term. But the Astros’ actions have come back to them. They sought glory for themselves through devious means. Now their glory is gone and their reputation—also the reputation of all baseball players—is tarnished. It might have felt a bit like “heaven” to win the world series, but now they live in their own little “hell” of their own making. Ironic.

Winning the world series - a bit like heaven?

All of us can learn from this. What do you want to reap? Then sow the right seeds. In your own life, sow peace, love, joy, honesty, industry, frugality, wisdom, kindness—you get the picture. Then the life you experience will truly be heaven.

God Bless You!

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