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The Bank of Canada Thinks the Weather Causes Inflation

Unbelievable! The weather causes inflation. Taxes change the weather. Read more in this week’s edition of “Beyond Ironic”.

I didn’t know whether (pun intended) to laugh or cry. In a recent interview, the Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, Carolyn Rogers, actually said the weather causes inflation.  “She noted factors of inflation include changing demographics, climate change and weak foreign relations.”1  


Of course, none of these things have anything to do with inflation. Without getting into a discourse on monetary theory, the famous American economist, Milton Friedman, said, “Inflation is everywhere and always a monetary phenomenon.”


The less well-known Canadian economist, Thomas Courchene, said the same thing in a series of books detailing the 1970s inflation in Canada. He concluded it was caused by a rapid increase in the money supply because banking changes (chequing-saving accounts etc.) led to an increase in the money supply that was not reflected in M1, the narrow definition of money.


As I sometimes say, “It’s science, but it ain’t rocket science.” In this case, “It’s economics, but it ain’t rocket economics." Nor is it MMT—Modern Monetary Theory, which is neither modern nor monetary theory. It’s Econ 101.


Inflation is caused by printing money out of thin air. At least that’s how us ordinary folks can understand it. All the changes in the real world—demographic changes, technology changes, weather changes, you-name-it changes—cannot cause inflation without money printing. It is the money printing alone that causes inflation.


Her headline point was that Canada’s low productivity is causing the inflation. But this is also a red herring. Now they can claim it’s not their money printing that causes inflation, but lazy Canadians. Even if Canadians were lazy, that cannot cause inflation. It can cause poverty, but not inflation.


It's Beyond Ironic! This incredible nonsense from the Bank of Canada is too stupid to be real. Over the past few years, almost all of us have said about our “leaders,” “These people are idiots.” But as I explain in my book, What the Hell Is Going On?, these people are not idiots; they’re liars. Carolyn Rogers knows very well that the weather does not cause inflation, nor does productivity nor demographic changes nor poor international relations.  


This interview is clearly part of some fraud. Obvious lies and utter nonsense from government officials always indicate a fraud. I haven’t got it all figured out, but some of it is easy to see. It is typical behaviour of a psychopath—project your own faults onto your victim so they think they are the cause of your abuse. The poor old Bank of Canada is doing its best to reign in the inflation caused by you lazy Canadians with your low productivity and your gas-guzzling, climate-changing SUVs.


This nonsense is likely part of a much bigger fraud—just one psychological warfare attack in the larger war of destroying our currency so they can justify bringing in a new currency—central bank digital currency—that will enslave everyone. I also explain this more fully in What the Hell Is Going On?


In the end it’s better to laugh than to cry, so let’s just laugh at the Bank of Canada and at Carolyn Rogers. But forewarned is forearmed. You are now forewarned. They are going to blame you for all their own crimes. They cannot be trusted. They will destroy our money. We are under attack. Use your own head. Act wisely.



God Bless You!





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