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Thinking About a New Year’s Resolution? How About a Commitment to Truth?

I see lies and fraud everywhere I look. “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Read what I mean in this week’s edition of Beyond Ironic”.

As the research for my upcoming book widens and deepens, I see more fraud and lies everywhere I look. To be fair, some of it is simply a lack of knowledge—ignorance. But a lot of this is willful ignorance. Millions of people refuse to look at evidence because it will challenge their worldview. That includes you and me. It is beyond ironic how all of us say we want freedom, but are afraid to seek the truth. How about committing to truth next year?

My worldview has never completely meshed with the “standard Western worldview”—however nebulous a concept that may be. You quickly learn not to talk about certain things openly. It only opens you to ridicule when your worldview doesn’t match others’. But since our world is going to Hell in a handbasket, we better start having some honest conversations before we get there. For example, I’ve always understood that there really are sasquatches, and UFOs, and parts of reality that we don’t perceive with our physical senses. Why? Because there is evidence for all these things. That’s the truth.

The Age of Enlightenment birthed the modern concept of science three centuries ago, separating it from religion, revelation, and the spirit. Thereafter, “science” focused itself on careful observation, measurement, and a search for understandings that fit the evidence. It led to an incredible flowering of scientific knowledge and understanding of the physical world around us.

In the 21st-century, we have returned to superstition by turning science into a religion, rejecting evidence, and putting blind faith in quasi-scientific dogma and blind obedience to self-proclaimed authority. This is a prescription for a new Dark Age.

I see a crisis everywhere I look: a crisis in science, in medicine, in democracy, in economics, in international finance. In every case, I see at the root, a rejection of evidence and a blind faith in dogma. Here are some examples.

Physicists resort to increasingly bizarre “Deux ex Machina” to hold their cosmological theories together. Ninety-seven percent of the universe is “dark matter and energy”. There is no evidence it exists, but they have to imagine its existence to make their theories of the universe work. Did you know that matter can appear and disappear at will? Physicists imagine it appears when their theories need more matter, then it conveniently disappears when it gets in their way. Cosmology becomes more inelegant by the day. Our dear Mr. Occam would not be impressed.

Biologists are no better. They claimed great wonders would appear once they mapped the entire human genome. Now it turns out they can’t really trace any medical problem to any gene. The human body isn’t that simple after all. It’s really more about epigenetics, but that involves the mind. And they ignore the mind completely. The placebo effect is one of the best-researched, and completely non-understood, phenomena in medicine. To admit that the mind affects the body would require acknowledging that the mind exists as a separate entity from the body. That would change their worldview.

Even after three hundred years of searching the brain for the secret of consciousness, the great neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, confessed, “We have no idea how the brain gives rise to consciousness.” The evidence shows that consciousness is not produced by the brain, or any other part of the body, and is not confined to the brain. In fact, the evidence shows that consciousness exists throughout our body, extends beyond our body, and can even leave our body and return to it. Our consciousness precedes the existence of our body. Now, some physicists are even saying that the fundamental nature of the whole universe looks more and more like consciousness.

Economic theory has become so divorced from reality that it is almost meaningless. Financial pundits breathlessly await the release of every new economic statistic, oblivious to the reality that, as economic activity collapses, the prices of everything are going up because of massive money printing. They do not seem to grasp the obvious reality that GDP appears to be rising only because they are counting more dollars in circulation. More people are unemployed than at any time in history while employers cannot find enough people to hire. Yet they continue to fire their existing employees for refusing an obviously ineffective and dangerous experimental medical treatment for an illness they do not have. The economic fabric of society is unraveling yet all is well because the stock market is hitting new highs. There was no economic recovery in 2021. We simply saw a massive increase in government spending and currency creation that appears as GDP. It is all illusion—a magician’s house of cards that must collapse. Yet not a single economist has the understanding or courage to speak the truth.

Even a cursory examination of the evidence tells us that:

1. Carbon dioxide cannot possibly be a pollutant, has little or no effect on the earth’s climate, is essential for life on this planet, and more of it is unambiguously good for all life forms.

2. There is not now, and never was, a covid-19 pandemic.

3. What are sold to us as “vaccines”, are clearly not vaccines and are causing widespread injury and death.

4. Our own governments are intentionally dividing us against another, tearing apart the fabric of society, and destroying independent businesses.

5. Our own governments are intentionally destroying our monetary system.

6. Freedom and democracy no longer exist anywhere in the world.

7. Our own governments are conducting war against us.

The evidence clearly shows this. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Yet the implications of even this will shatter most people’s worldview. So, they reject the evidence. They cling to blind faith in dogma and authority. The Dark Age is upon us.

Be aware that if you commit to truth, you will have to change your worldview. You might prefer remaining in your fantasy. As A Course in Miracles says,

Fantasy is a distorted form of vision. Fantasies of any kind are distortions, because they always involve twisting perception into unreality.

We are in a pivotal decade for humanity. In the world that will emerge from this decade, everything will be different. People—even you—will look back on our current worldview and marvel that anyone could believe such nonsense.

As you consider a New Year’s resolution, why not consider a new commitment to truth? Why not consider opening your mind to new ideas, new perspectives, new worldviews? Almost everything we have been told is wrong. It simply doesn’t fit the evidence. Maybe this year, trust no one. Start trusting evidence instead. God has given you a fantastic mind, capable of analyzing evidence for yourself. God has given you free will to choose your own thoughts, and actions. Free will may even be the greatest gift of God, and your closest connection to divinity. How about, in 2022, recommit yourself to the independence God gave you, to avoid blind allegiance to corrupt authorities and dogmas? How about seeking truth? For the truth will set you free!

Happy New Year!

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1 Comment

Jan 01, 2022

Thanks Donald. At least you're asking the hard questions, making people think. Jesus said if He hadn't spoken the words He did, and did the works He did, "they" would have no sin (John 15:22-25). You've spoken the words, and I'm convinced you've applied them in your own life. That's all you can do. As one wise man said, "I'm here to inform, not to inspire". Each individual will have to give account for what inspired them to do the deeds they've done. You can be assured you've done your part. Thanks for informing us.

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