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This is Depressing—In a Spiritual Sense

With Canadian GDP down 9% in March it looks like we’ve entered a depression. What’s the spiritual version of that? Find out in this week’s edition of Isn’t That Ironic?”.

Stats Canada has made a very preliminary estimate of the change in Canadian GDP for March—down 9%. That suggests we have entered an economic depression. Averaged over the first quarter of this year, that means a quarterly drop in GDP of 2.6%, the largest ever on record. Even if the current lockdown is gradually lifted during the second quarter of this year, it will likely be called a depression by summer, although folks will try to avoid using that term.

In periods of economic depression we find lots of people become emotionally depressed as well. And depression sometimes leads to suicide. People lose hope and lose their will to live. It would be morbidly ironic if all the steps we’re taking to reduce deaths due to COVID-19 eventually lead to even more deaths by suicide. I hope that doesn’t happen. But we have clearly entered into difficult times. This will have spiritual ramifications as well.

We are spirit, mind, and body. All three parts of us are connected and work together synergistically. Life is not just about making money and paying our bills. We are made to be productive and creative—spiritually, mentally, and physically. When we are not, everything suffers. Our mental and spiritual well-being are also at stake, not just our physical health.

All of us have had to shift during these difficult times. Make sure you find ways to be productive and creative, maybe new ways. This new situation is not all bad. Much good will come out of this, if we look for it. Have you found ways to be productive and creative? Have you found ways to help others? When we help others, we realize how useful we are. We are reminded that we are here for an important purpose. There is great meaning in our lives. Other people depend on us. As they say, be not just good, but good for something. That’s what makes us feel good about ourselves. Helping someone else is one of the best things you can do to snap you out of depression.

Helping others is a great way to improve your own mental and spiritual health.

For me, my plans for public speaking and a book tour this spring have been canceled. I was annoyed and frustrated for several weeks. I got sucked into the news cycle and checking the COVID-19 news several times a day. I guess that’s pretty normal. Maybe you did the same thing. But it didn’t take long for me to realize it’s mostly the same news every day and I can’t change it. So I’m working on things I can change. I have started working on a new book. Who knows, maybe it's for the best.

Don’t let this depression get you down. Figure out how you can be productive, creative, and help others in new ways. You will be better for it, and so will everyone around you.

God Bless You!

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