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Trump Impeachment – The Spiritual Version

The Democrats want to get rid of Trump—the Republicans want to keep him. How can there be any spiritual lesson in this? Find out in this week’s edition of, “Isn’t That


“To impeach”, basically means, “to remove from power”. After the whole country, and the whole world, has been dragged into this years-long political spectacle, is there any spiritual lesson to be drawn from the exercise. I think so.

Whether you support the president or not, that’s not the spiritual point—and it doesn’t matter to me. I’m a Canadian. We have our own problems! The spiritual point is always about ourselves. The only changes under our control are us—inner changes, not outer changes.

Like it or not, our politicians are a mirror of our society. They fight and hate and act like children because the rest of do. It’s a pleasant but childish illusion that we can just elect different politicians (who, once again, will reflect “we the people” who elect them) and the country will be filled with peace, love, and cooperation. These qualities must exist in our own hearts, or they don’t exist at all.

Just as you cannot shave the whiskers off that image in the mirror—you have to shave them off your own face—you cannot change the government by throwing this or that politician from office. I can only change myself. You can only change yourself. That’s where change happens. We can’t “fix” anything out there. We must “fix” things within.

Yes, there is a need for “impeachment”. Impeach the anger from your own heart and replace it with love. If you feel anger towards President Trump, can you impeach that anger from your heart and replace it with love? If you love President Trump and feel anger towards those who oppose him, can you impeach that anger from your heart and replace it with love? This is the impeachment all of us can do.

The irony (or is it a paradox?) is that by changing ourselves, we do change the world. It’s the only way we can change the world. Since we are a part of the world, and we affect everyone who’s lives we touch, by changing ourselves we change our world. Of course, it’s a small change. But it’s the only change we really can make.

Whatever you dislike in the world of politics, impeach it from your own heart. You will change yourself for the better—and maybe even your world!

God Bless You!

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