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You Will Own Nothing, he, he, he…

Looking and sounding like a Gestapo interrogator from a bad 1960s film, Klaus Schwab is putting out PR videos like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe there isn’t.

"You vill own noting, und you vill be happy."

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum recently put out a nice, friendly little public relations video (They’ve actually been really busy lately with PR videos.) with an upbeat list of “predictions” for 2030. It is so full of ironies that I’ll just let you figure them out for yourself. Today’s blog post is not my ordinary fare. Yes, there’s a spiritual message in all of this. But I don’t have space to draw it out. I’m already way over my word count limit.

The future is always unpredictable—unless you plan it. That’s what they do. And to help you understand more clearly what the WEF is meaning in their glitzy video, I’ve put together this little aid to translating into English their Newspeak language. It’s clearly not written in English and they have neglected to include punctuation. Maybe the WEF folks don’t really speak English. I hope this helps you. You might even use it to help guide your actions as we move into their Brave New World.

8 Predictions for the World in 2030

Meaning: These are not predictions. The WEF does not make predictions. It makes plans. This is the world elite who are planning to take over the whole world, abolish nation-states, free enterprise, freedom, and democracy; and then rule the world as philosopher/kings in a socialist/fascist new world order. I’m not joking. Read their own material.

Plan 1: You will own nothing and you will be happy.

Meaning: It’s true. You will own nothing. The elites will own everything. WEF member Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the USA. Does it look like he is moving towards owning nothing in 9 years? The “being happy” part? Not so much. That’s really a philosophical statement. There are two ways to be happy: to have what makes you happy, or to be happy with what you have. In the New World Order, it’ll be the second option.

Plan 2: Whatever you want, you’ll rent and it’ll be delivered by drones.

Meaning: Well…not quite whatever you want, but whatever they want you to rent. There will be a social credit score for everyone, just like there is right now in China. As long as you do what they want you to do, they might let you rent things. And yes, they’ll be delivered by drones because you won’t be able to just go to a store and pick out what you want. You might not be able to leave your home. They’ve been rehearsing that this year. How do you like it so far? And they certainly won’t let you just choose anything you want. Your choices will be determined by what the central computer, or the central committee, decides to let you rent…until they decide otherwise. After all, it’s not yours. You’re just “renting” it.

Plan 3: The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower. A handful of countries will dominate.

Meaning: The first part is true. With the economic shutdown of most of the free world—not in China, did you notice—China’s economic growth trajectory will make its economy larger the that of the USA well before 2030. But “a handful of countries will dominate”? Dominate what, and whom? How many is a handful? And what exactly does “dominate” mean? Economically? Militarily? Hitler dominated. Stalin dominated. Mao dominated. Something like that, perhaps? Most likely.

We are left to guess which countries might get to be included in the “handful” and why. More likely, the WEF will dominate, just as it’s doing right now by using a climate fraud and an epidemic fraud to control every government in the world. It looks like their plan is right on track. 2030 here we come!

Plan 4: You won’t die waiting for an organ donor. We won’t transplant organs, we’ll print new ones instead.

Meaning: This is a meaningless bit of optimism. A relatively tiny number of people die waiting for an organ donor. Even fewer of these are young people with rare medical disorders. Most are near the end of their life. It’s a personal tragedy none-the-less. But the very inclusion of this item is meant to make you fearful of something that is a completely insignificant risk in life. The WEF specializes in creating fear about nothing. It’s a very useful tool for controlling people.

With all the genetic complexities and differences between people, how could they just use a 3D printer to make a replacement organ? And why not a whole replacement human? Maybe they’re working on that too. Maybe that’s part of where this vaccine comes in. The real evidence (not what you hear in the media) already shows that the vaccine is useless both in preventing you from getting Covid-19 and in transmitting it. Israel vaccinated the whole country and saw a huge spike in cases right afterward. During that time period, they had orders of magnitude more deaths from the vaccine than from Covid-19. That worked well.

After all, it’s not a vaccine. It’s an experimental gene therapy treatment. It changes your genetics. You are being genetically manipulated. Some of you don’t want to eat food that’s been genetically manipulated but you’ll let the world’s elites genetically manipulate you—out of fear of what is little more than the flu. And which organs are they talking about? Can they print a brain? The scarecrow will be happy. I can think of a few people I’d volunteer for the treatment.

Plan 5: You’ll eat much less meat, an occasional treat, not a staple—for the good of the environment and our health.

Meaning: This is a tricky one. What are they after? Is it anything beyond their plan to destroy modern agriculture and drive everyone into poverty? All of us have noticed the ramp-up in propaganda about meat in recent years. Some people have pushed it as an environmental issue, but that’s utter nonsense. Like most “environmental” issues, it has nothing to do with the environment. There’s something else behind it. Does anybody know?

I recall reading a bit of psychological evidence that a non-meat, high carb diet helps to make people more malleable and controllable. There’s no real health evidence for avoiding meat and why would they care about your health anyway? The WEF is doing everything they can to get rid of people. Health is a red herring. And, as always, (it’s part of their socialist philosophy) the WEF elites think they know better than you do what’s good for you.

Plan 6: A billion people will be displaced by climate change. We’ll have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees.

Meaning: Now we’re getting to the crux of it. The WEF wants to get rid of people. So, now they’re setting a goal of 1 billion fewer people by 2030. What do they mean by “displaced”? I’ve been watching this supposed climate emergency unfold for over 30 years without any emergency or any displacement of people. The Maldives were supposed to have sunk years ago. But it seems rich Saudi investors recently put a billion dollars into high-class resorts there. And other South Pacific atolls that we were told were going to disappear and the poor people would have to relocate to Tahiti (where do I sign up?) are still high and dry.

The only climate-related “displacement” I know about is my fellow Canadians (the ones who are richer than me) who fly south with the geese every winter to escape the damn cold up here. People move around for lots of reasons but I haven’t heard of a single person yet who was “displaced by climate change”. We’ve got a long way to go to get from zero to 1 billion in less than 9 years. I wonder when it’s going to start?

Then they come to the refugee scam. The vast majority of true refugees are fleeing wars, mostly financed, supported, and proxied by these same WEF wealthy industrialists and their militarist and socialist comrades. But even this is a tiny part of the migrant issue. Most migrants are economic migrants. They are people looking to start a new life in a land with more opportunity, because their own countries are corrupted and run into the ground by the very people and policies that are part of the WEF. And the elites are facilitating this mass migration to help destroy the concept of the nation-state and bring the Western world to its knees so they can more easily foist their one-world government on all of us. It sounds like the same charlatan that is selling the snake oil is also spreading the disease.

Plan 7: Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide.

Meaning: The WEF and their comrades at the Club of Rome and the UN have done a great job selling this fraud to the world. Most of you believe this. I don’t have enough space here to set you straight and you probably won’t listen anyway. If you haven’t noticed yet that the climate isn’t changing in any serious way and that carbon dioxide has little or nothing to do with it, maybe you’ll never be open-minded enough to actually look at the real science. Energy is the foundation of Western industrial civilization. Destroy our energy and you destroy our civilization. That’s the plan. It’s working beautifully. Of course, it’s only certain producers of carbon dioxide who pay. China doesn’t pay. Russia doesn’t pay. If you’re communist you don’t pay. Do you notice a pattern? In Canada, Quebec doesn’t pay.

Plan 8: There will be a global price on carbon, and this will help to make fossil fuels history.

Meaning: More of the same. All life on this planet is carbon-based. Carbon is life itself. Is there a price on trees, on animals? The whole point is to destroy the Western Democracies and collect almost all power and wealth into the hands of a small group of elites. Guess who?

In just one little piece of this puzzle, the global carbon market is a corrupt scheme for trading an invisible substance where nothing is delivered to no one. But many people are becoming fabulously wealthy trading this market. The money comes from taxpayers in the free world and goes into the pockets of the rich and powerful and nothing changes in CO2 production or in the climate. That’s exactly the point.

Closing: You could be preparing to go to Mars. Scientists will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space. The start of a journey to find alien life? Western values will have been tested to the breaking point. Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten.

Meaning: Wow! There’s a lot to unpack here. Lots of glitzy and random nonsense. Mars? Not going to happen. They won’t even let you leave your country. I wouldn’t trust scientists to keep me healthy in space when by following the “best” scientific eating advice we have produced the fattest, sickest population in history. Did you notice that I’m a bit skeptical of “experts” who make things worse?

Alien life? I’ll resist the temptation to make personal attacks on Klaus Schwab. Western values have not been tested to the breaking point. Klaus Schwab and his fellow communists are destroying Western values to the point that almost nobody has seen them for years. Checks and balances don’t underpin democracy, voting and free speech do. It’s exactly the “checks and balances” dupe they’ve been pulling for years to move power into the UN, the WEF, and the Club of Rome and out of democratically elected legislatures. That’s what we shouldn’t forget.

But maybe I’m wrong. What do I know? I’m just one random guy rambling in the wilderness. But I’m writing a book that explains all this craziness in more detail. It should be available later this year. Keep an eye out for it. Until then, keep both your eyes wide open!

God Bless You!

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Mar 05, 2021

Must have written this when it was in the -20's C (-teens in F) - I notice you call it "the damn cold"😏 Lots of views this post Donald. Appreciate your views. Cheers, Mav.

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