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Fantasy vs Reality in the Alberta Election: Did Mass Formation Play a Role?

This is an idea you won’t hear anywhere else!

It turns out there is a very close correlation in the recent Alberta election between voting patterns and covid “vaccine” uptake. This is explained in an excellent substack article by Hannah Luise. Tracing official Misinformation - when voting patterns reflect Vaccine Trust (on the substack site, followingthecovidscience. May 30.)

The third shot was never mandated. Nobody was forced to take it. Only the true believers took it—people who believed the covid propaganda story. There seems to be a close correlation between these people and the people who voted NDP. I see the tell-tale traces of mass formation in this.

For readers who have no idea what mass formation is, I will direct you to my recent book (What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom) and to any of the podcast interviews by psychologist Dr. Matthias Desmet (such as on the Jerm Warfare podcast, or this one with Ivor Cummings)

Professor Desmet says that in mass formation, people are led to believe an ideology. This ideology starts out as something reasonably logical but becomes increasingly absurd over time. About 30% of people become hypnotized by this—the True Believers.

Both socialism/Marxism and covidism are ideologies. As I explain in my book, ideologies are always an incomplete understanding of reality, a misunderstanding of reality. Really, they are fantasies. They are not real. They do not exist in material reality. They are false perceptions of reality. And they are always used by despots and psychopaths to control other people.

Professor Desmet says that people who do not fall for the mass formation ideologies are (my generalization) strongly connected to reality in some way. They are close to nature and the land, or work with their hands and physical materials, or have very strong bonds of personal relationships.

So, when I look at the correlation between voting NDP and being taken in by the covid ideology, I see that the same set of people seem to be affected by mass formation. In both cases, they are unable to tell fantasy from reality. They believe an ideology that is simply not true. It is not real.

As I say in my recent book, the only way out of this fantasy is to dismantle the ideologies that hold our brothers and sisters in a fantasy world. This is a slow and often painful process—like waking up from a nightmare. This is a traumatic process and we have to be patient with our sleeping siblings. But the awakening must happen. This is your responsibility. You are the Prince Charming who must awaken the slumbering Sleeping Beauties. It will take more than one kiss, but it will involve a battle with evil. Fear not. You have come here for this. Whether you realize it or not, you chose this destiny. You signed on to be a hero. Be a hero!

God Bless You!

PS: My new book explains lots more about what’s really going on. What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom is now a available! From my publisher (here) or, if you must, from Amazon (here).

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