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If you Hate Anyone - You've Been Psyoped

Psychological warfare begins by getting people to hate each other. It’s been done to you. Find out what you can do about it in this week’s edition of “Beyond Ironic.

Have you noticed that everyone from politicians to the media to social media “influencers” to your neighbor are all trying to jerk you around and get you to hate somebody? Hate the Russians. Hate the Palestinians. No, hate the Jews. Hate the unvaxxed. No, hate the vaxxed. Hate the climate deniers. No, hate the climate dictators. Hate the Democrats. No, hate the Republicans.


Do you see a pattern here? You should.  It’s the standard pattern of psychological warfare. I explain this in my upcoming book. (If you subscribe to my blog, I’ll let you know when it’s available. Plus, you get a free mini ebook!) The basic goal of psychological warfare (also called psychological operations, hence the term “psyop”) is to get your opponent to fight amongst himself and thus destroy himself. Then, defeating him is easy, since he has already done most of work for you. Psyop is weaponized sociology. It happens in four phases: polarization, tribalization, dehumanization, and killing.


Polarization is when you get people to divide into antagonistic groups—the good and the bad. You (the manipulator) define who is good and who is bad. Then you get the good people, the “in group,” to hate the bad people, the “out group.” It is all designed to appear random and organic, but it’s not. It’s very intentional. Today, we are constantly told who to blame for the current “problem,” and then we are led to hate those people: racists, unvaxxed, right-wing white supremacists, etc. This is the polarization phase.

In Tribalization, you retreat into “your” group and see every other group as a threat. If you are black, you are led to believe that white people are a threat. If you are vaxxed, then the unvaxxed are a threat. The Russians are a threat, the Palestinians, the rich, the poor, the educated, the uneducated, the old, the young, the Christians, the non-Christians, and on and on. There are an infinite number of ways to divide people into “tribes” and get them to fear the other “tribes.” For the psychological manipulator, they’re all good. Any and all divisions, hatreds, arguments, tribes, and fears are good.

We stop perceiving people as individual humans, as brothers and sisters in the human family. Instead, we quickly put a label on people we disagree with, and they become simply a representative or an avatar of that label. The label is a caricature of a real human, which leads directly to dehumanization.

Dehumanization is when people are led to believe that their tribe is the only tribe that deserves to live—or to get health care, or government services, or access to food, travel, etc. All the other tribes are evil, so they must join the “right” tribe or die. Once we get into the dehumanization phase, if it continues, only killing comes next.

It’s very difficult to kill another human being. It is naturally repugnant to us. So, we must first dehumanize people before we can kill them. This process of psychological manipulation is essential in war, but it has absolutely no place in peace. When you see this process in action, know that it is war—nothing else.

Did you notice the Israelis calling the Palestinians, “animals?” It is not an accident. It’s not a metaphor. It is a tactic. Today’s cancel culture is dehumanizing your neighbors and paving the way to killing them.

Killing comes next. This can happen in myriad ways: disappearing the Jews in “relocation” (death camps); “re-education” of the intelligentsia in Mao’s Cultural Revolution; the Hutus butchering their Tootsie neighbors with machetes in Rwanda; the Black Lives Matter (mostly peaceful) riots that were the most destructive and murderous in U.S. history. We can see the beginnings of the killing phase already.

By applying various labels to various “out groups” our governments have been able break all their own laws and get the “in group” to support this. Think about how these “out groups” are quickly created and abused: Russians, unvaxxed, racists, homophobes, white supremists, etc. All of this is psychological warfare. It’s intended to lead to killing. It will.

Politics is a great tool for polarizing people and dividing us into tribes. In fact, that’s its only function today. Politics has become nothing more than theater and psychological manipulation. Forget all the names that people put on political movements and philosophies. Whether you are for Trump or against Trump, you’ve been psyoped either way.

These psychological warfare techniques to control your mind and your actions always use fear. Psyops cannot work without fear. In reality, there is nothing to fear—not losing your job, nor your income, nor your social status. Without fear, our adversary becomes powerless and the psyop fails. This is completely under your control. No one makes you afraid. Fear is always your reaction. You can choose to react differently.

Choose love instead of fear. Love everyone. Fear nothing. Hate no one. Wish no evil against anyone—even those who really deserve it. Hatred is undeserving of you. That’s the point. Live in the consciousness of love. This is your protection against fear, against manipulation, against psyop. Fear is behind every psyop. If you are fearful, you’ve been psyoped. If you hate anyone, you’ve been psyoped. It’s that simple.



God Bless You!


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