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It’s Time to Stop the Monkey (Pox) Business

As the monkey pox “pandemic” picks up steam, is déjà vu all over again—truly “Beyond Ironic”.

The monkeypox scare is starting out more slowly than the coronavirus operation, but it’s really déjà vu all over again. This ongoing virus/bioweapon saga is starting to look like the endless Star Wars sequels that all have the same plot outline, just the actors change.

Monkeypox is, in its natural form, mostly a sexually transmitted disease. The information coming out so far shows that most of the alleged infections are in homosexual men. But its sudden and rapid spread all over the world at the same time is epidemiologically almost impossible.

Monkeypox has likely been around for ages, although it was only identified a half-century ago. It is confined mainly to West Africa and has never managed to propagate outside that region. What is allegedly happening now cannot be natural. I see only two reasonable possibilities: the “epidemic” is a fraud, and the alleged symptoms are caused by something else, or the monkey pox cases are the result of a geographically dispersed bioweapon attack.

Are you surprised? Monkeypox has been weaponized for over 30 years. For example, the Soviets had it in their bioweapon arsenal by 1990, as reported by the number two man in the whole massive USSR biological weapons apparatus.

After testing the weapon in explosive chambers, we applied it to the monkeys. Every one of the twelve monkeys contracted the virus. They were all dead within three weeks. In early 1990, Marburg Variant U was ready for approval by the Ministry of Defense. Our scientists had found it more difficult to cultivate Ebola than Marburg—they were not able to reach the necessary concentration—but by the end of 1990, the long-term problem of cultivation had been solved and we were close to developing a new Ebola weapon. Meanwhile, at Zagorsk (Sergiyev Posad) military scientists were putting the finishing touches on new Lassa fever and monkeypox biological weapons.1

The Americans (possibly others) likely weaponized it long ago as well. What is happening now does not fit the pattern of natural viral spread. It only fits the pattern of a widespread attack with a biological weapon.

I included the parts of the above quote that mention Marburg, Ebola, and Lassa Fever because these have also come up in news reports over the past year. All of these diseases have been around for decades and have been weaponized. They have never naturally become widespread epidemics. If any of them suddenly do, it can only be a bioweapon attack. The “mutations” that people talk about have been accomplished in laboratories long ago. They are not naturally occurring.

So, this is one possibility, that the monkey pox “outbreaks” are another bioweapon attack. The other possibility is that these are not monkeypox cases at all.

The symptoms of monkeypox are: fever, chills, swelling of the lymph nodes, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, exhaustion, and the appearance of a rash.2 Sound familiar? Except for the rash, all these are also the symptoms of covid, the flu, a bad cold, and a hundred other ailments. These are also nearly identical to the symptoms of EMF (electromagnetic field) poisoning, that all of us are increasingly subjected to, especially by 5G radiation.

Monkeypox is being diagnosed with—you guessed it—a PCR test! It’s the covid scam all over again. PCR is a process, not a test. Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the process, said emphatically and repeatedly that it cannot be used to diagnose any illness, particularly when you abuse the process and run over 20 “cycles”.

There are effective treatments for monkeypox, but you’ll no longer find them on any official medical website. They have been scrubbed. Once again, the only official solution is a “vaccine”, this time a recycled smallpox vaccine. Another rerun of the same plot. Fortunately, most people can recover from monkeypox without any treatment, so there is little to fear. But the official fear campaign is ramping up anyway. They will, again, use over-hyped fear to drive people to accept an untested “vaccine” for a non-lethal illness with good treatment options.

So, the second possibility is that these are not monkeypox cases at all, but simply other illnesses re-labeled as “monkeypox” in order to carry out a fraudulent “vaccination” campaign. What could possibly go wrong? But whatever is really happening, it’s definitely not what appears to be happening. It’s another fraud—so much like covid that it is beyond ironic.

Keep your eyes and minds open and think for yourself. Things are not as they appear. Keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. You are responsible for all aspects of your health. Do not delegate this responsibility to anyone. It’s beyond ironic that you ever would. Do not trust your health to people who only benefit from your sickness. Let’s put an end to this monkey (pox) business before it gets out of hand.

God Bless You!

1. Alibek, Ken; Handelman, Stephen. Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World—Told from the Inside By the Man Who Ran It. (p. 166). Random House Publishing Group, 1999. Kindle Edition.

2. Government of Canada, Monkey Pox travel advisory, June 10, 2022.

PS: My upcoming book will explain lots more about what’s really going on. What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom will be available in September. I will keep you posted!

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Jul 19, 2022

Thanks for keeping us informed. Pam Popper's recent video on the history of vaccines was a wake-up call also. Pharma at one time lost money on vaccines, but not now. They're now Big Pharma, raking in the dough.


William Garcia
William Garcia
Jul 19, 2022

Well, here where I live, Sydney the monkey business didn't catch on so they are reviving the Covid scam all over again... Just remember, just because they torn down the Georgia Guidestones doesn't mean the Elite don't want 95% of the "useless eaters" dead by any means necessary.

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