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SMART Cities is a DUMB Idea

Updated: May 12, 2023

It’s really about totalitarian control—and you are corrupted. Read what I mean in this week’s edition of “Beyond Ironic”.

The first thing to understand is that SMART does not mean intelligent. This is totalitarian manipulation of language at its finest. It’s intended to make you think the word means something it doesn’t. Numerous interpretations of this acronym abound, but it really means Surveillance, Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting and Technology. And it’s about your movements and behaviour. SMART cities are ones that will keep you under surveillance 24/7, control your movements and behaviour, and turn you into a prisoner without you even realizing what’s really going on.

These 15-minute SMART cities limit people's movement under the vague excuse of “climate change.” The UK is leading the way on this with millions collected in fines already for residents who break the rules on restricted travel areas. This has nothing to do with the climate, the environment, or making your city “livable.” It is only about control. Nothing else.

I bet you didn’t know that “15-minute” cities is just a transition. They are already talking about 10-minute cities, then it will be 5-minute cities—gradually confining you to an ever-smaller prison. It will all be done digitally—digital ID, digital surveillance, digital control of your whole life. Finally, well, just stay in your house—like they did with the covid fraud.

They don’t want you to drive cars because cars give independence. They want you under control. Notice that with 15-minute cities, it doesn't matter whether or not you drive an electric car. It’s all about movement and liberty, not emissions. Have you noticed that urban design today is calculated to make driving any car almost impossible? City streets are being taken up with extra wide sidewalks, and curbs, and all sorts of traffic barriers, and bike lanes—even in Edmonton which has snow for half the year. Using a bicycle as your primary means of transportation is completely impractical. Everywhere the City of Edmonton “upgrades” its streets, it leaves a pretty landscape that is useless and unlivable. This has nothing to do with practical and efficient transportation. It is all about creating a lovely prison, so you don’t realize it’s a prison.

SMART cities is a fraud. And it’s all illegal. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees mobility rights. We can travel anywhere in the country, anytime we want, and leave the country and return to it anytime we want. But the people behind this have no interest in law. We have lost the rule of law and now have the rule by law. Law is only used to control people and to support the official agenda. Law is no longer a defense against a tyrannical government, nor a guide for peaceful living.

Surveillance is being increased to the scale of China’s 24/7 complete surveillance. As I explain in my book, surveillance equals control. You cannot have both surveillance and sovereignty. You must choose one or the other. If you accept 15-minute SMART cities, you are accepting slavery.

Every major city in the world has signed on to the 15-minute city agenda. Just like with the covid fraud, this level of policy coordination is impossible—unless the policy is being dictated from above. The plans and the money to support the plans (just like with covid) are coming from the highest level.

In Canada, all sorts of municipalities have been given massive payments to “go along” with this agenda. Canada’s “Smart Cities Challenge” is giving away almost a billion dollars to promote this totalitarian plan. Here is the map of which municipalities received money. Even the tiny village of Stirling, Alberta (pop. 978) got $5,000,000 for a SMART City initiative.

You can only give away this massive amount of money by creating money out of thin air. People and politicians are being corrupted and controlled with money created out of nothing, with no intention of ever paying it back. And that money forms the foundation of our financial system (government bonds are the core holdings of all pension funds), which leads inexorably to the coming financial collapse, which is completely planned and will be blamed on “capitalism” and used to justify replacing our currency with digital currency. It's all a huge web of fraud—exactly the subtitle of my book, “The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom.”

The escape from this totalitarian tyranny is to stop going along with lies. You must stop going along with all these frauds. Explain this to your local politicians. Every municipality must stop these phony “climate” restrictions, and stop taking money from the provincial and federal governments. This is how everyone is corrupted—with money created out of thin air. This is how corruption permeates every part of society. If you don’t think you are corrupted, just try to not accept any “grant” or money in a “government program.” This is the dirty money that corrupts everyone and compels you to go along with all the lies. Just stop it!

God Bless You!

PS: My new book explains lots more about what’s really going on. What the Hell Is Going On? – The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom is now a available! From my publisher (here) or, if you must, from Amazon (here).

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2 comentários

12 de mai. de 2023

You've got three extra zeroes on the amount the Village of Stirling was awarded. Five million, not five billion.

Donald Lee
Donald Lee
12 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thanks so much! I'm glad you are reading carefully - more carefully than me, it seems. LOL. I have corrected my error.

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