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You Could Do This—Things Are Not What They Seem

Does this look scary? Daredevil? See how things are not what they seem in this week’s edition of Isn’t That Ironic?”.

Scary? Not really. You could do this.

Facebook has become a great place to post photos that make your life seem, shall we say, other than it is. In Facebook photos, everyone is happy, has lots of friends, is always in beautiful places with beautiful people. Looking at this photo, you’d think it was incredibly risky and you could never do that. You’d be mistaken. Almost anyone can do this. Thousands do. Life’s like that. Things are not as they seem.

This blog is all about the ironies of life. Life’s biggest irony is that everything here is an illusion. Everything we think is real, is unreal. What we think is unreal, is real. How ironic can you get?

What we see is, as Plato described it in his famous cave analogy, like the shadows on the wall of the cave, cast and distorted by a point source of light shining on figures we cannot see and creating giant images that we think are real. What we perceive as reality is only a shadow of what is truly real.

So it is with our spirits. Things are not what they seem. We seem to be physical beings. We’re really spiritual beings. People seem to die. Really, we just leave our mortal shells and return to “who we really are” and where we really came from.

On a spiritual level—a spirit is the only thing that truly is real—life is about love. God is love. And God is all there really is. So, love is all there is. Everything else is illusion. Live life constantly aware that it is in Love that we live and move and have our being. That’s how things really are.

What’s the secret of the daredevil photo? That “cliff” isn’t far off the ground. In fact, it’s about two meters off the ground. It’s a popular tourist spot in Pedra do Telegrafo, Brazil.

Here is a “behind the scene” photo.

Things are not what they seem.

Almost every day, there is a long line of people waiting just to take photos on that spot.

So, don’t be fooled by photos on Facebook, or by serious-sounding talking heads on the news, or by all these physical things around us that seem so firm and real. Love is real. Love is all there is. Ironically, that’s the great secret of life!

God Bless You!

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